Friday, May 30, 2008

Bodum Coffee Press

I am a supertaster. Because of this, I don't like coffee. But I do love to host dinner parties. I have added this Bodum Chambord coffee press to my Amazon wish list because next time I have people over for dinner, I want to be able to offer them fancy coffee that they will watch me make in my pretentious coffee press. I will not drink the coffee, but others will taste it and think that I am classy and refined.

Here is how the conversation will likely go (for privacy reasons, I have replaced my friends' names with their porn names):

Stovepipe Hawk: That [insert name of fancy and complicated dish here] was delicious.
Me: Why thank you. Would anyone like some coffee?
NoName Dartmouth: Yes, thank you, I would love some.
Me: I'll just whip some up right now in my Bodum Chambord coffee press.
Mona Hanford: (tasting coffee) This is the best coffee I have ever had.
Margareth 4: You are classy and refined.

Bodum Chambord Coffee Press

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