Monday, November 1, 2010

Michael Kors down coat

So obviously after Project Runway's Gretchen-gate 2010, I am boycotting Michael Kors. I do not currently own anything by Michael Kors (or Michael by Michael Kors--what is with creating a separate brand with your first name? I'm looking at you Marc by Marc Jacobs). But now I never will.

If I lived in a cold climate, however, I might have to take a break from my 5-day boycott to buy this coat on Eziba. It's filled with down, long enough to keep both halves of your body warm, and has that pillow-ish hood thing that I'm really digging. Also, it doesn't look like a 70s romper made out of old curtains (unlike Gretchen's entire collection).

PS: is not doing a good job promoting Eziba, their Gilt-Groupe-like deal site. I forgot the name of the site, and they didn't have a link from their main site, so I Googled every possible combination of "Overstock" and "deal site"--nothing. Come on, Overstock. Get your shit together.

Michael by Michael Kors down-insulated long coat


  1. There is no way that the sleeves on that coat would be long enough for you. No way.

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