Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shop It To Me

I am not a very good consumer of products marketed toward women my age. Expensive shoes and handbags generally don't command my attention the way a good gadget does. And clothes? Meh. I work at a company that encourages the wearing of jeans and flip flops, and I'm too married to care about impressing people with my personal style. I do, of course, have product recommendations for various wearables and accoutrements, but you won't find me suggesting you go out and buy a $100 tank top because it looked soooo good on [insert name of starlet here].

When it comes to clothes and shoes, it should come as no surprise that I only buy things on sale. I don't mean usually, I mean always. I cannot think of the last time I purchased a full-price article of clothing. Maybe high school?

And so I love Shop It To Me. You give them your email address, your sizes for various articles of clothing and shoes, and your store and brand preferences. Then they send you a daily newsletter telling you what's on sale in your size and where. (You can also access your own little "cheap stuff in my size" store through their website.)

If you know me from work, you know that I hate hate HATE email spam. I'm very wary of signing up for anything that requires me to give people my actual email address. In fact, I didn't sign up any of the first 30 times my brilliant older sister tried to sell me on Shop It To Me.

But oh my god I was so wrong. It's great. It tells me whenever my extra-long jeans are on sale at the Gap and it lets me know when a Cole Haan bag is on sale anywhere on the Internet. It solves the flat-fee shipping conundrum for people like me who won't pay more than $15 for a t-shirt by alerting me when a critical mass of cheap clothes is on sale at one of my preferred retailers.

And I promise they will not spam you. I signed up and have not received anything but my requested one email per day. If you unsubscribe, they will not contact you again. They're classy like that.

Shop It To Me
(Please use my link so they will give me free shit.)

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