Monday, December 1, 2008

Nintendo DS games

I am pretty smart. However, television advertisements tell me that I am getting stupider. The fact that I believe them serves as proof that I am indeed getting stupider.

Something must be done.

My plan is to tackle my impending idiocy with video games. Brain Age will help me train my brain in minutes a day. Brain Age 2 will do the same thing, but in different minutes. And Mystery Case Files: Millionheir will make me smarter by allowing me to hone the detective skills that television police dramas tell me are so important.

So buying me these games these games is kind of like an investment in my future. It's like donating to a worthy cause. It may even be tax deductible.*

I should mention that I do not currently own a Nintendo DS, so you will need to buy me one before you buy me these games.

Brain Age
Brain Age 2
Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir

Nintendo DS Lite (Onyx)

*It's not.

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