Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beginner Sewing Machine

I aspire to be crafty. I read about crafty things on blogs and in lady magazines. I've tried knitting, needlepoint, and homemade thank you cards. So far, nothing has really stuck.
But sewing will definitely stick. Why is sewing different from past attempts at crafting?
  • I have past sewing experience: see, for example, window treatments in a certain West Village apartment or that time I fixed the cuff on a pair of pants.
  • Sewing leads to useful outputs (pillows, quilts, clothing, etc). My limited success in baking is attributable to my love of eating baked goods. So I will be successful in sewing because I like pillows and quilts and clothing.
  • A sewing machine will actually save money in the long term. Think of how much I'll save if I can do my own alterations or repair ripped things or make playclothes out of curtains.
  • Sewing is less messy than many other crafts. (This argument is geared toward the person who lives in my apartment.) The worst case scenario for sewing is a pile of cloth and thread. Compare that to oil painting or screen printing or anything involving glitter and a glue gun.
This is going to be awesome. I'll start sewing, discover my secret talent as a fashion designer, start selling my wares on etsy, and make millions of dollars. Then you can say "I bought [fill in blank with my fancy designer name] her first sewing machine."
In addition to the sewing machine, I'll probably also need a book on how to sew things with it.


  1. Tried this. Got a sewing machine for Christmas circa 2000. Sewed exactly 2 things, badly. Abandoned effort. Lost very expensive sewing machine in a move a couple of years later. I predict failure in this venture.

  2. provide us the detailed demo for this tailoring machine