Monday, June 2, 2008

Mighty Magnets

I love Mighty Magnets. I know what you're thinking: "$9 for magnets? Really?" But seriously. These are the only magnets you will ever need. They are super strong. Below I've listed some of the ways Mighty Magnets get used in my house, as well as some other possible scenarios in which they might be useful.

  • Holding ALL the Bed Bath & Beyond 20%-off coupons you've been hoarding (you do know they don't actually expire, right?)

  • Keeping your spouse busy while you get ready on a Saturday morning (Mine spent about 20 minutes searching for magnetic things in our apartment. The doorknob? No. The drawer handles? YES.)

  • Sticking to-do lists on every metal surface in the house

  • Messing with the contents of multiple floppy disks at once (remember floppy disks?)

  • Seeing if the pin in your knee is magnetic (not recommended)

  • Seeing if the plate in your head is magnetic (highly recommended; send pictures)

  • Creating your own makeshift metal detector and combing your backyard for unburied treasure

  • Making a compass out of magnets and something metal next time you're lost in the desert

Bonus points because these things could literally save your life.

Square Peg Mighties Magnets 6 Pack

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